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The Best Dough in the Business




1 topping


2 topping


3 topping


$2 for each additional topping

Meat Toppings:

Pepperoni, NY style Italian Sausage, Linguica, Chorizo, Bacon, Ham, Genoa Salami

Other Toppings:

Mushrooms, Grilled Onions, Olives, Garlic, Basil, Pineapple, Green Peppers, Jalapenos, Fresh Tomatoes, Spinach

Premium Toppings (count as 2)

Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Artichokes, Feta Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Kalamata Olives, Anchovies

Specialty Pizzas! $25!!

Not feeling creative? Some of our favorites and some classics!

Half and Half not available for Margarita or Gourmet Specialty pizzas.

20” Extra Large Pizza

Bibo's Slice of Heaven

Named by one of our favorite customers! Bacon, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, and Fresh Basil

Sweet & Spicy

Chorizo, Bacon, Pineapple, and Jalapeno

Classic Combo

Mushrooms and Green Peppers, Olives, Sausage, and Pepperoni

Pizza Meatza

Pepperoni, Sausage, Linguica, Ham, and Bacon

Italian Meatza

Pepperoni, Sausage, Genoa Salami and Fresh Basil


Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, and Olive Oil drizzle

Veggie Me

Mushrooms and Green Peppers, Artichokes, Olives, and Grilled Onions.

Pesto Spinach

Not available by the slice

Our red sauce, a bed of Spinach, Pesto and Minced Garlic


Not available by the slice

Zahtar (a blend of Middle Eastern Spices), Feta Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, and Kalamata Olives

Pesto Please

Pesto, Chicken Breast, Minced Garlic

Bibo's Gourmet Artichoke

Not available by the slice

Spinach, Artichokes, and a secret blend of Cheeses.

White Pizza

Not available by the slice

A NY classic with Ricotta, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil

BBQ Chicken:

Chicken Breast, Bacon, and Pineapple.

Pizza by the Slice!

Grab a slice or two.



1 topping


2 toppings


3 toppings





Side Salad: $5

Choose from:

House: Spring mix, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms, with your choice of Ranch or Italian dressing

Caeser: Romaine, croutons, parmesan with Caesar dressing

Other Goodies!

Calzone $13

A blend of Ricotta and Mozzarella wrapped in our top quality dough with a choice of any two toppings and our homemade pizza sauce served on the side. $1.25 for each additional topping. (usually big enough for two people!)

The Big Apple Pie $13

Sweet apple slices, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and graham cracker crumb on our freshly made thin crust dough

Cannoli $2 each or 3 for $5

Fried pastry dough filled with a sweet creamy chocolate chip filling

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